5 Tips on Home Renovation for 2019

Instead of simply moving home, many homeowners are now considering home renovations if they feel like they’re outgrowing their current place. The “improve don’t move” notion has encouraged plenty of people to transform their homes to make it fit for purpose for years to come. On the whole, renovating a house is cheaper than upscaling to another, and given the current economic climate, it’s no wonder homeowners are favouring this option.

So, if you’re one of the many choosing to renovate instead of move, here are 5 top tips for 2019:

Don’t Rush the Design Process

Without a doubt, the most important stage of renovating your home is the design process. Therefore, rushing it will only lead to disaster. Take time to consider what you truly want to get out of your renovation, and carefully plan each detail. Planning your project may take a little longer than anticipated, but it’s worth it. And if you’re in a rush to renovate your home, then you may consider taking on some help in the designing process to try and make it a less stressful time.

Shop Around for a Great Builder

There’s nothing worse than going down the cheap route and being left with a botched job by an unprofessional builder. Instead of choosing the cheapest option, for the most reliable, efficient yet affordable builder in your area. After all, it’s better to make an initial investment to have the renovation look perfect than end up paying out more money correcting someone’s shoddy work.

Source Materials Locally as Much as Possible

Where you can, try to source your materials locally. In 2019, there’s a clear emphasis on eco-friendly practices when it comes to building and decorating your home. Therefore, you should do your bit by cutting down on the air miles your materials have travelled. From planks of wood for your decking area to the garden corner sofa that’ll be sat on it, there’s no reason why you won’t be able to find the materials and furniture locally. It will also greatly benefit the local economy to shop in the area. Your delivery charges are also likely to be cheaper, so you could end up saving some money too!

Buy the Right Insurance

You’ve already got insurance on your property and your belongings inside, so the same should apply to your renovations. This is because some insurance policies don’t cover mishaps that could occur during home building work. If you’re carrying out home improvements without talking to your insurance company, you risk your policy being void. Buy special insurance that will also cover renovations and ask your main contractor whether they also have site insurance.

Prepare for Emergencies

Though it’s highly unlikely, you should also be prepared in the case of an emergency. Having a contingency plan in place is always a good idea. Put some money aside to save you less panic if anything happens. This should be enough to cover extra unexpected costs from poor building work or even natural disasters. It’s recommended that you save a minimum of around 5-10% of the total build cost.

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