What to do if Your Boiler Breaks Down

Boilers always tend to break down at the worst of times. Trying to rush a family out of the house in the morning, only to discover that everyone is going to have a cold shower is usually the case. These sorts of situations can be quite distressing, especially if it’s cold outside. The most important thing to remember is that if your boiler has broken, don’t try to mend it yourself. Not only is it a dangerous task but could make your insurance and any warranty you have on your boiler invalid! It’s important to know when is the right time to call an expert, and we’ve comprised some steps you can take yourself!

The faulty boiler checklist:

Power – is there any sign of an electricity supply?

If not then this could be due to a power cut. If this is the case then fingers crossed, your boiler should just snap back into action as soon as the electricity is restored. If the power doesn’t come back on then you can always call your local electrical supply company. These can be found easily online or in your telephone book.

Got gas?

If gas is failing to reach the boiler, check that the gas stop cock isn’t turned off. This is usually located in a box just outside your house but it might be indoors too. If it is turned on and there is still no gas then it’s time to call in a professional. Alternatively, if you can smell leaking gas, turn everything off at the stop cock, make sure there’s plenty of ventilation and call the national grid. To ensure your safety, you shouldn’t light any matches or use the lights in your house as this may cause an explosion.

The pilot light

If the pilot light stops working then so will your boiler, so check if this is still igniting. If you can’t make it work then call in the experts!

Finally: programme, thermostat and timer checks

It’s not quite time to panic, your heater might be set to come on at a certain time. These can easily get accidentally changed – during daylight savings for instance! You can also play around with the thermostat to make sure that hasn’t been tampered with. If you turn your heating up higher than usual, it may spring into action.

If our tips and tricks haven’t helped you then the likelihood is you really do have a problem. Don’t worry though, call in Plumbing on Tap, Brighton and Hove’s leading plumbing and heating company and we’ll sort you out in no time!

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