Servicing Your Boiler: Why it Needs to be Done

Annual boiler checks are services that are carried our by our professional service engineers here at Plumbing on Tap are vital not only to ensure that your boiler is functioning as you’d expect but also to ensure your safety. Homeowners should get their boilers serviced on regular occasions as it is important to make sure your boiler is working to the specifications designed by the factory and manufacturer.

Not only will it help to keep your boiler healthy for as long as possible but small fixes can reduce the likelihood of needing more costly repair work doing later down the line. You can compare them easily to car engines; boilers have endless complicated bits of machinery that need looking after and how well it runs and the efficiency of your boiler will completely reflect on how well you’ve taken care of it. A faulty boiler isn’t worth ignoring! What may be a small cost to ignore can quickly become a massive problem, therefore easily leaving you out of pocket 6 months down the line.

Unfortunately, boilers don’t last forever!

In fact, the efficiency of boil oil and gas fired boilers only deteriorates over the years. There are various reasons for this, the build up of soot being a key variable. This occurs during the process of combustion and causes different surfaces inside the boiler to become covered in black soot. The second common reason for efficiency deterioration in boilers is gradual component wear. This changes the air -> fuel combustion ratio which is critical inside a boiler.

Have no fear though! We’re here to help you get the most out of your boiler. By getting your boiler serviced, we will combat common boiler wear-and-tear by removing any soot that is clogging the insides. We’ll also adjust your boiler in order to ensure that it’s running at an optimum air -> fuel combustion ratio. To add to this, there are plenty of parts and components we’ll be checking so that hopefully you won’t run into problems in the future. These can include:

  • Boiler start up
  • Gas or oil leaks
  • Signs that might give us early indication of failing components.

Don’t forget that most newly installed boilers these days require you to get them serviced annually in order for the warranty the boiler may have to continue to be valid.

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