5 Tips on Home Renovation for 2019

Instead of simply moving home, many homeowners are now considering home renovations if they feel like they’re outgrowing their current place. The “improve don’t move” notion has encouraged plenty of people to transform their homes to make it fit for purpose for years to come. On the whole, renovating a house is cheaper than upscaling to another, and given the current economic climate, it’s no wonder homeowners are favouring this option. So, if you’re one of the many choosing to renovate instead of move, here are 5 top tips for 2019: Don’t Rush the Design Process Without a doubt, the ... Read more

Preparing A Room To Paint

With so many of us about to buy endless goods in the mad race for Christmas day, many of us will be looking to have a good clear-out after the festive period. This may be to declutter with news years resolutions in mind, or prepare for a fresh new decorating project keep your spirits up in time for the new Spring. Conversely, you may wish to dab a quick coat of paint to a tired or scruffy part of your home,, treat yourself on a home project with a custom deck builder, or even get that wooden floor restored just in time for Christmas entertaining. Anyway, ... Read more

What to do if Your Boiler Breaks Down

Boilers always tend to break down at the worst of times. Trying to rush a family out of the house in the morning, only to discover that everyone is going to have a cold shower is usually the case. These sorts of situations can be quite distressing, especially if it’s cold outside. The most important thing to remember is that if your boiler has broken, don’t try to mend it yourself. Not only is it a dangerous task but could make your insurance and any warranty you have on your boiler invalid! It’s important to know when is the right ... Read more